Patient Testimonials

To my friends at Plaza West Dental

Thank you so much for helping me to improve my life. Over the past several years I have invested in a healthy smile and believe me, it has paid dividends. With improved self esteem and the ability to actually enjoy eating, I am ready for just about anything. You are a warm and wonderful group of professionals.
Thanks again.

Joe P.

Two years ago, I finally decided to get my two front teeth veneered, after putting it off for 10 years. Dr. Pittaway gave me a beautiful new smile. My veneers look and feel so natural. I absolutely love them. I wish I hadn’t waited that long.

Also, after going through the deprogramming, I am no longer experiencing any more jaw pain. It is an amazing process.

Barb J.

It has been about two years since Dr. Thomas Pittaway of the Plaza West II Dental Group provided a most wonderful treatment plan for my mouth, which had a very sorry looking worn out set of almost 70 year old teeth.

The difference Dr. Pittaway and his group made in my smile is truly wonderful and almost unbelievable. I have always been very outgoing and a very happy positive person in my business and personal life, but never would have guessed, or understood the difference my new smile has made in the response that I receive from everyone with whom I meet.

Whether people who have known me for decades, or people who pass me in the street, the honest and happy smile that I now have is truly contagious. I love the smiles and the response that I get from everyone I meet.

And to my own personal satisfaction, I look and feel younger than my age (75), am healthier, and am more active than most people whom i know who are my age and younger. I know everyone I meet or greet has a better day because of my truly contagious smile. I have even been told that they hear my smile on the phone.

I believe anyone who works with or deals with people would benefit greatly if they provide a beautiful honest smile to all those they meet. But most of all, they will experience a greater satisfaction in their own well being.

I do recommend Dr. Thomas Pittaway and his wonderful dental group.

Angie K.

Dr Pittaway & Associates,
Thank you all so very much for your kindness, assistance and wonderful atmosphere. Not to mention your great sense of humor. Most of all, I’m smiling again.

With Gratitude,

Nancy W.

Thank you all so very much for your help over the past few months. You have a very professional, friendly and helpful team. Again, thank you very much, I really appreciate everything you all have done to provide a first rate experience.


Matthew Z.