Emergency Dentistry

emergency dentist near Kalispell, tIf you have a dental emergency, call our office right away!

A dental emergency can occur at anytime due to unexpected physical trauma. If you are in pain, you need urgent care from a responsible emergency dentist.

Postponing your dental care will increase your risk of irreversible or expensive damage. Dr. Pittaway would be happy to accommodate you as quickly as possible. When you need emergency care, you are our first priority!

Some of the things you might consider during a dental emergency are listed below.

Toothache | Floss your teeth to ensure that debris is not causing the toothache. You can rinse your mouth with warm water or saltwater to reduce tooth pain. Toothache may be a sign of infection or decay, so it is important that you contact your dentist right away.
Broken or Chipped Tooth | Save the pieces of the tooth if you can. Rinse the mouth with warm water and then apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.
Knocked Out Tooth | If you can find the tooth, you can place it back in the mouth into its socket. You can also keep the tooth in milk or saltwater until you reach the office. Call us immediately to maximize your chances of saving the natural tooth.
Object Stuck Between Teeth | Try to gently procure the object with dental floss. If you are unable, do not resort to sharp tools. Come see your professional for a safe treatment.
Lost or Broken Dental Work | Call us to discuss your options after you lose or break important dental work. We will give you instructions and bring you into the office to restore your healthy smile.
Dental Abscess or Infection | If you notice extreme pain in the teeth and a pimple-like bump on the gums, call us immediately. Dental abscesses require immediate treatment.

Call us as soon as you can if you have any of these problems, or if you have any other unexplainable, but urgent dental pain.

Get Relief Fast With Emergency Dental Care From One Dental Care Center of Kalispell

The earlier you call, the more comfortable and noninvasive your treatment will be. We are happy to help you with any emergency dental situation. Call us at One Dental Care Center of Kalispell whenever you need emergency care!

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