Good News!

Publication: Montana Woman Magazine

Last month I promised some good news. I am going to be a father! How’s that for good news. Boy, are we ever excited! Not only will there be an heir, maybe, (I have five nieces), I have some good news to put in a dental column. Please look for a picture of my wife in the new ad about healthy smiling! It is not difficult, for me, a dental optimist, to find great things to say about dentistry, but sometimes the dentist and good news don’t come to mind in the same sentence even if it is a run on. If you are ready to start thinking about heading in to the dentist, there is some good news to be had.

First, one of our main obstacles is cost. Dental treatment is expensive to provide and to receive. You want to obtain maximum value on your treatment. The good news is, there are a few nice options to help you finance treatment if you like, and some treatment options that will reduce your dental spending long term. Dentistry has the most value when it is durable, comfortable, and health enhancing. Many patients are mainly concerned with health and function, before looks. I tell them that is great, because without first addressing health and function, doing cosmetic treatment will have less value. Studies have shown that the positive health benefits of good dental care are priceless.

Another obstacle to treatment is fear! Good news! With most dental care today, there is very little discomfort, and with a few safe, simple techniques, many dentists can alleviate your anxiety and make the experiences more relaxed and comfortable for everyone. Many fearful patients avoid us like the plague, and come crawling to the doors in fearful desperation when pain drives them in to seek help. The like some superhero, we swoop in and relieve their pain and anxiety . We remove the spectre of fear and replace it with feelings of relief and trust and safety. One of the more rewarding moments in my job is when a fearful patient gains trust and achieves dental health comfortably. Now we have some new stuff to ensure long term management of our two main enemies, decay and gum disease. With these in our arsenal, longevity of dental work, and probably our patient will be greatly enhanced too!

More good news is that, the longer it is that you have stayed away from the dentist, the more things have improved since you had been there last! The recent surges in dental technology have been a challenge to keep up with, and things just keep getting better. Greater understanding in biology help us treat dental diseases earlier, more effectively and less invasively. New advances in every aspect of diagnoses and treatment have made this fascinating subject clearer and even more interesting. I wouldn’t recommend putting off dentistry though. Most problems won’t get better or go away, and we know professional prevention is still the core of our message and our best advice.

Now , here is some good news. Dentistry is starting to pick up on the idea that customer service is the most important part of what we do. Our job is to satisfy the needs, wants and expectations of our patients. Each patient deserves the most attentive friendly and professional treatment we can provide. This individual attention to detail allows us to be the most effective at delivering healthcare and cosmetic services. In today’s world, few things are appreciated in the course of the day, than being treated like a human being, and pampered a little too! Feedback from our patients is critical in developing a relationship that will insure the best care for that person and their family and friends. What this means to you, is that it is important to let us know how we can serve you best.

So I guess what I am trying to say, is that the good news is, that I will be a daddy!! I mean the good news about dentistry is that we have cool , safe, and comfortable ways of providing dentistry and enhancing health and esthetics. Don’t be intimidated by your friendly neighborhood dentists. They are all good people who like to help! I know this, I am the president of the First District Dental Society this year, and the more I know these fine doctors, the more I admire them. Come and see us when you are ready, and maybe sooner. Thanks for listening, and keep smiling, it’s healthy for you!